The BlackBerry Cake

Cotton soft soufflé Blackberry chiffon sponge, layered with a thin coat of Chantilly cream Centred with a rich filling of crushed Blackberry purée. You will definitely come back for multiple slices of this special treat that is packed with vitamin C and high in fiber. 


  • Sizing Guide:
    • 6" serves 6 to 8 pax
    • 7" serves 15 pax
    • 8" serves 25 pax


  • To Note:

    • Cake is coated with fresh cream, stable in room temperature.
    • Best to consume when it is straight out of the refrigerator. 


  • Lead Time:

    • Do note that the lead time is at least 2 working days. Please order 2 working days in advance.
    • Do note that we are closed every Sunday.