Various Chocolate Decorations

Class Title: Chocolate making - Various Chocolate Decorations

Course description:

Thinking of ideas to decorate a cake or dessert can sometimes be quite a headache. Don't worry.

Learn the techniques to creating your own chocolate decorations. A little decoration is all you need 

to instantly make your cake or dessert look instagram worthy!


Class type: 20% Theory, 80% Practical (Hands-on)

Date: 7 June 2019

Time: 2pm to 5pm

Duration: 3 hours

Cost: $85 / pax

** Strictly aged 18 years old and above

** Prerequisite: Knowledge of working with chocolate, Chocolate Tempering skill (Seeding Method)

** Minimum 4 pax, maximum 8 pax per session


At the end of this course, you will learn/get to do the following items:


- Learning different ratios between ingredients and using them in various applications

- Further understanding of different critical factors Fluidity, Temperature, Timing, Color


- Learn to use transfer sheet

- Learn and master various quick and easy steps for simple to slightly complex decorations

- Learn various technique for various chocolate applications


- Chocolate plaque writing

- Piped Chocolate Deco

- Chocolate disc (Round / Donut / Moon)

- Chocolate square / diamond piece (Color powder, Cocoa butter, Transfer sheet)

- Chocolate sticks (Long thin)

- Chocolate curls (Comb Thin / triangle)

- Chocolate meteor tails / wings


Students will be able to bring back:

A copy of notes

All hands-on demo and product items