Special Order - Peter R
  1. Peter Rabbit to be holding a balloon in one hand (same shade of blue as his coat)
  2. Peter to be leaning slightly on '1', hence '1' to be placed behind him
  3. Peter to be surrounded by 6 x fondant hearts (either white or gold is fine)
  4. ARTHUR in full gold to be placed near the top of the cake
  5. Gold trimming/border to surround the cake
  6. Gold flakes to be speckled on the cake
  7. Cake side to be decorated with green grass and two fences (either white or brown is fine)
  8. Cake side to have blue blotches
  • Cake size to be 8 inch.
  • Cake Flavour - Chocolate Raspberry.
  • Cake Colour - light blue.
  • Cake delivery on 14th May 2022 (Sunday) before 11am
  • Price of cake at S$250  includes free delivery.